Be a fit table tennis player

Table tennis is a physically intensive game that requires you to have the right stamina, otherwise, you will ever nurse injuries. Just like any other game, you need to have customized exercise and fitness program so that you are sure all the necessary body muscles, ligaments, and tendons are fit to tackle any table tennis match. The exercises run concurrently with your practice sessions for general fitness as a table tennis player. If possible, get a certified physical fitness trainer to guide you on the best and recommended exercises and get table games like ping pong or top rated tables for playing foosball. Most accredited coaches have physical fitness knowledge on the right exercises for you. When you opt for a gym session, discuss with your fitness instructor and let him/her know the main purpose for the workout session. This is to ensure you do not under or overdo the training and later have a negative effect in your general fitness for forthcoming matches.

 Any sports fitness workout program should answer the following questions.

What are the muscles and movements needed in Table tennis?

Which energy system is utilized in Table tennis?

What type of match are you training for?

Identify the muscle fiber type used in Table tennis

When your trainer has all these answers at his fingertips, be confident and follow the training sessions faithfully. Based on these facts, the training sessions should be explosive anaerobic training which involves general body training and specific muscle training. Here are just but a few training sessions

 Short sprint training

Ensure you have powerful and intensive sprints within your schedule with a rest between the intervals. This is to ensure you work on your muscular strength, reduction of body fat which lowers the speed of your movement and strengthens your arms and leg muscles. These training sessions are similar to table tennis matches which require stamina when hitting and responding to the ball. Other benefits of short sprints are cardiovascular training which ensures you have a complete anaerobic system work out. In addition, it makes you become fast as opposed to just running without a rest which slows your muscle strength.

 Lateral training

Let your exercise be side by side to enhance stability, limb strength, balance, and stamina. The exercises involved include jumping and squatting. Additionally, lateral training makes your body flexible to changes in direction as well as faster and proper coordination essential in any table tennis match.

 Leg movement

The agility of your legs matters a lot in table tennis. Just ensure you have numerous jumping exercises to improve stability and strengthening of muscle ligaments and tendons which help a lot to improve on your leg strength levels. Jumping is an explosive training session which works on the joints and muscle coordination.

 Arm exercises

You need a flexible arm to tackle a table tennis match with ease. Let your trainer introduce you to different arm exercises and gradually increase the speed of the arm movement sessions for maximum flexibility.


Do not just be specific on these exercises, but let them take a bigger percentage of your training sessions. Use the rule, “train fast, play fast” Make a milestone on speed and frequency in every training session, before you realize, you are more than physically fit for any match.