Fitness and Videography

People are trying constantly to maintain a certain weight or to lose some pounds, maybe to gain some, to build new muscles and to eat super healthy food.Seems like a good idea at all, and for sure it’s something that worth the time spent on cooking delicious low-calorie meals and the time we spend exercising.It is the world full of colorful temptations that can easily sabotage your diet because they are wrapped in an eye-catching manner in order to make you want to try them.

There is a difference between what the scale says and the amount of fat or muscles in your body. Two people can weigh 150lbs for example but one might have 30% body fat while the other person can have only 10% but the scale says the same even if the subjects are looking a bit different.You need another method to keep track of your body weight other than the scale. For any matter you can keep along with you some body fat calipers, a tape measure or you can take photos of the progress.

One thing you should always keep in mind, no matter how much you weigh, if you’re looking and feeling great about yourself, progress is not measured in pounds.

Another great idea that is yet revolutionary, is to keep fitness track by using videography instead of taking pictures.

The purpose of videography is to motivate you more, by seeing the muscles move and seeing that other people can achieve their goal, I think we talk much about competition in this case.

Also, this videography method is based on motivation and brain manipulation. It all comes from the cognitive system. We got to convince our brains at first in order for our bodies to follow the mind.

With the help of the videography and T5i Reviews here, the fit body beliefs and images are absorbed much faster, are much more powerful, than hearing a story or seeing a picture (check this out for good laptops for editing videos)

By keeping track of your progress with this method you can constantly reassess your goals. If you are losing fat faster that you set the goal, then you will be able to alter your long term goals.On the other hand, if you are on target or even ahead you will be pumped with energy and positive feelings that are making you stronger and are giving you the power to move forward with your exercises.

So what method of keeping track of your Fitness exercises did you choose? Do you play by ear? Do you constantly keep track by using the Videography method?Are you a gym rat or a couch potato?

One thing that always motivates me to keep going is the fact that nobody will fall in love with your soul in the first five minutes.

Just keep in mind that in order to have a good function of your system, and in order to be healthy, you got to make an effort and step out of your comfort zone, because nothing grows there, neither you as a person nor your muscles.