Suitable Toilet for a Gym

Most people have turned to gyms to enhance their physical fitness and improve overall health. However, gyms accommodate a huge number of people from hour to hour. These people will need to use a bathroom or toilet. A standard provision of sanitary accommodation is provided by the City Council. These health regulations are specifically designed to promote and facilitate the health of people who visit a gym. All gyms should be able to provide a healthy, sanitary and safe environment for all users. This brief overview looks into what a suitable toilet for a gym should contain.

Suitable Toilet for a Gym

The walls, floors, and ceiling of the toilets must be in good condition and any damages should be repaired within a reasonable time.

The floors should be made of easily washable material. The floor must be cleanable and well bonded.

All toilet fixtures must be intact and clean. All overhead fixtures should be cleaned regularly to prevent the buildup of germs, dust or other elements that may cause poor indoor air quality.

All doors and windows must be sealed such that they are weather tight to prevent vermin or pests from getting through them.

The electrical wiring, gas fitting, and plumbing have to be in accordance with stipulated standards. The equipment should be properly maintained to ensure they do not have any obstructions, defects or leaks.

The lighting, humidity, and temperature should be suitable to ensure they do not affect gym users. Temperatures should be approximately 65F – 68F while humidity should be about 40% – 60% as provided by the International Fitness Association.

The layout of the equipment in the toilets should provide sufficient spacing such that te equipment can be used safely.

The size and number of toilets should be equivalent with the gyms area and a number of users to prevent congestion.

Gym staff should be trained to ensure high levels of sanitation.

All gyms must adopt a Standard Operational Procedure that guides proper cleaning of the gym, equipment, and toilets.

All gyms should maintain cleaning and disinfection records for all gym areas especially toilets.

There should be a sufficient number of showers, toilets, and hand sinks (

The sinks should have both hot and cold running water at all times.

Adequate ventilation and lighting should be provided in the toilet and shower area.

The toilets should have a self-closing door that is not directly open to the gym area.

Cleaning equipment and products should be stored in a separate designated room that is well maintained and properly ventilated.

Separate wash basins and toilets should be provided for females and males.

Female toilets should provide suitable sanitary dressing disposing means.

You can consult the Commercial Health Section of the Environment and find out more standards that gyms are required to comply with. They will also guide you on matters depending on your unique circumstances.

The Planning and Building Control Divisions of the City Council will provide you with technical details regarding the installation of sanitary accommodation.

You can now go ahead and make an informed decision on installing the most suitable toilets for your gym.

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