The right garment steamer for gym clothes

It works out time, you need to change into your gym clothes and do some exercise according to the schedule of the day. Hey, the gym clothes are creased and you are running short of time. Wearing the gym clothes as they are will communicate an act of carelessness and an I-don’t-care-attitude. Which then are the best garment steamers for these clothes, which can iron the polyester material faster and tidier?

You cannot say these are the best ones in ironing the polyester fabric, common for gym clothing. It all depends with a garment steamer with the following features

Thermal regulation

Polyester requires moderate amount of heat while ironing. Ensure the garment steamer has a temperature regulator to suit the garment. When the garments are too creased due to poor storage, then it is important to dampen the gym clothing and increase temperature for a straight ironing task.

 Water can knob

The garment steamer should have an inbuilt water can regulate using a knob to moisten the fabric when you need to increase temperature for a better ironing task. However, it is not a must-have, you can also have water from a separate can and sprinkle on the clothing for the same effect.


Some offices have a gym area within the premise, in some cases, you carry your gym clothing in your bag or car such that, once you finish your work, you simple change and get to the treadmill. You can carry a garment steamer and iron the clothes before you hit the gym. Let the garment steamer be small in size to fit in standard bags for portability purposes. There is no need of going back to the house just to iron and change into ironed gym clothes.

 Flexibility and user-friendly

You are not going for an interview, it is just the gym, but you need to be smart while enjoying your workouts. Choose a garment steamer that has simplified functions, just from the look of the manual at a glance, you have all functions at the tip of your hands, ready for use. Let the garment steamer be a multipurpose sanitary appliance, it should also iron other clothing as well. That is why the temperature knob comes in handy.

 Source of power and energy

Most of the garment steamers are powered by electricity, unlike the old iron boxes use wood fuel which was cumbersome for portability purposes. Do not assume, ensure you confirm the source of power and energy requirements before you make the purchase, if possible the energy requirements, do they conform to your power source from the national grid?


A good steamer should serve you for at least two years, use online reviews based on customers who have used the specific products to make a decision on the best garment steamer for your gym clothing.

Check at your gym cloth labels on further ironing instructions and the type of fabric to enhance the clothing durability and maintain their color. Some tend to change color when exposed to extremely high temperatures.